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Managing your physical health with hemophilia

Managing your physical health with hemophilia

By: Pavel and Federico

January 1st, 1970

Health and Fitness

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1) Who or what motivates you to be as healthy as possible?

Federico: Hemophilia truly is the best excuse to be healthier; if I am healthy, I won’t have as many issues in my joints.
Pavel: Wanting to be fit and healthy as well as good-looking!

2) How do you stay healthy overall?

Federico: Yoga has helped me for years. I recently started swimming, which has made me feel even healthier.
Pavel: Going to the gym 3 times a week, avoiding sugar, weight training and bike riding.

3) How does being physically strong help you better manage your hemophilia?

Federico: Being strong helps me avoid bleeds, because it gives my body has the power to do a lot of exercise.
Pavel: I have less bleeds due to strong muscles, and better balance which means less issues with my joints.

4) Can you describe the advantages of maintaining your overall health if you have hemophilia?

Federico: I only exercise when I am on prophylaxis, but the advantage is you are more aware of your limits.
Pavel: I have less bleeds and better overall body health. I think it’s important to judge situations well and try to avoid dangerous situations and sports.

5) What do you wish that young men diagnosed with hemophilia knew about taking care of their overall physical wellbeing, in addition to taking care of the disease?

Federico: Know your limits and don’t take risks.
Pavel: Being overweight can cause damage to the joints; staying fit reduces the need of factor and medication.

You should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting any new physical activity


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