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Overcoming obstacles related to hemophilia

1) What is the most difficult barrier or obstacle that you have faced as a person with hemophilia?

Being told I shouldn’t play hurling (which is an Irish sport), but nevertheless doing it.

2) In what ways has this obstacle affected your life?

I got bleeds due to playing sport, which made me miss quite a lot of days at school.

3) When did you realize that this obstacle was limiting you?

I realized it was an obstacle as I was getting older and my body couldn’t take trauma posed by physical activity because of hemophilia.


4) Who helped you push past this obstacle?

I got help from physiotherapists and doctors so that I could still play sport.

5) If you could offer advice to a person with hemophilia, what would it be?

Stay on your prophylaxis if you have access to it and don’t be afraid to talk about issues that bother you.


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