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Untold Stories – Documentaries about Lives with Hemophilia: A Story from the Creator

Untold Stories – Documentaries about Lives with Hemophilia: A Story from the Creator

Documentaries about Lives with Hemophilia

By: Amit Sain

July 23rd, 2018

Advocacy and Leadership

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My name is Yogesh Sain. I am 26-year-old and living with severe hemophilia A in India. I am a motion graphics specialist and am passionate about filming, photography, reading, sketching and traveling.

My story starts when I was 2 years old and diagnosed with severe hemophilia A. Being born in a developing country, managing hemophilia had always been difficult for me, especially when it comes to treatment and awareness. Due to the lack of proper awareness, I lost my brothers and cousin to hemophilia. These incidents made me join the hemophilia community.

Hemophilia Society Delhi Chapter has played an important role in my life. HSD supported me for my treatment and education, which is why I wanted to give back. After completing my education, I decided to get involved in my local chapter and started spending time there. I met like-minded guys and finally, we came up with a youth group. The youth group was gaining momentum and we would meet every other month. We all had different skills and I started using my skills as a motion graphics specailist there. We made a website for our local chapter and created some educational videos.

Today, I am closely working with Hemophilia Society Delhi and part of the executive committee team. Being a youth representative at my local chapter, I applied for a youth leadership program called SURO.

SURO is an international youth leadership program designed to develop and train young adults in the bleeding disorders community who have the drive and ability to become leaders.

This program helped me in using my abilities and skills for the betterment of the community.

I came up with a project which was based on a video documentary. This project is more than just creating videos where I am covering success stories from both developing and developed nations. This project has a new concept in the hemophilia community – I want to introduce the people behind the disease and share their stories to be heard.

My videos allow me to meet new people and understand their story and environment. This has always been an amazing opportunity to me and I want to share these insights with you through many more videos. This is my first video that I worked on:

Please follow my channel and get in touch if you also want your story to be covered.


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