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Program Spotlight: AFFIRM

A Fellowship For Integrating Responsible Mentors (AFFIRM) is an international advocacy and leadership development program that was developed and implemented by James Munn and Edward Kuebler.

AFFIRM mentors people affiliated with the hemophilia community as they further develop and expand their leadership and advocacy skills with the aim to bring better care, programs and treatment to their respective communities. AFFIRM is funded through an unrestricted grant with Bayer and managed through the Global Blood Disorder Foundation Inc. in the United States.

Over the program’s two-year commitment, participants participate in four program meetings, located internationally, which help hone attendees’ leadership and advocacy skills.

In addition to the four program sessions, AFFIRM offers the following to participants:

  • A global view of the bleeding disorders community, as well as personal growth and development opportunities that foster networking at all levels within the community.
  • Experience and exposure to advocacy tools, lobbying and media opportunities.
  • Self-awareness and experience in developing advanced leadership skills that are useful and pertinent to local advocacy communities.
  • The opportunity to utilize bleeding disorders research and patient-reported outcomes to bolster advocacy efforts on a global level.

For more information about AFFIRM, its activities or how to get involved, please contact Ed Kuebler at the Global Blood Disorders Foundation,


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