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Former SURO Participant

By: Tobias Becker


Advocacy and Leadership

FORMER SURO PARTICIPANT DISCUSSES THE WFH WORLD CONGRESS editorial board member Tobias Becker sat down with a former SURO paricipant named Michael to discuss his key takeaways from the World Federation of Hemophilia World Congress.

Tobias Becker

1. How did you happen to participate in the World Congress?

Having been nominated and selected by the Ghana Hemophilia Society (GHS) and World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) respectively, I represented GHS as a delegate and a youth fellow which allowed me to participate in the workshop trainings with other youth around the world.

2. What were some of your highlights from attending the World Congress?

The congress provided information on diverse topics such as matters relating to clinical issues, fundraising, and other plenary sessions. These topics were all geared towards the goal of making treatment available for all. One other major highlight was based on Gene Therapy and its current improvement in both medicine and technology.

3. How did your participation change your views and your involvement in the community?

Through my participation in the National Member Organization (NMO) training and Congress, I have come to realize that everyone in the hemophilia community has a role to play irrespective how small or big it is. And also, we can overcome our limitations through effective team work and proper communication.

4. Why would you recommend your fellow blood brothers in participating in a World Congress?

Looking at the knowledge, skills and information I gained during the World Congress, I would recommend other legible fellows to participate in the Congress. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to come out of my own world to a wider world of new and interesting people where I made good connections, shared my experiences and learnt from the experiences of others. This is also one reason I would acclaim others to participate in the World Congress.

5. Is there anything else you would like to share with other people with hemophilia around the globe?

Challenges are part of life but once they are well handled, positive changes can be made and this can effectively be achieved through team work and learning from others.


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