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A Burden or a Blessing?

Hemophilia: A Burden or a Blessing?

Hemophilia: A Burden or a Blessing?


By: Jafar AlShadidi

July 24th, 2019

Advocacy and Leadership

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I have always asked myself “Why is it ME that has to live with Hemophilia?” and am certain that all of my blood brothers and sisters have experienced the same thought. During rough times, like tooth extraction operations, radioactive synovectomies or prolonged joint bleeds, I would ask this question with anger and frustration. One day, I re-evaluated my perspective and asked myself another question: is hemophilia a blessing in disguise?

Hemophilia as a Motivator

Utilizing my negative thoughts as fuel to do more was the key. Everyone is born to achieve something; you start by achieving your own goals, and then helping others achieve theirs. Hemophilia was the main reason I became a pharmacist, worked to learn another language, traveled to different places, met amazing people and shared a lot of happy moments with the people I love the most.

It is all about taking time to consider what you have and reallocate your resources and potential to your desires. Hemophilia can be a burden if you allow it to, but it also can be a great blessing as well.

It is your choice: what is your decision?