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Believing in ourselves

By: Gustavo Francisco Pérez Blanco




About the importance of the confidence in Leadership

The whole room is in silence; it has been raining for half an hour, but raindrops start falling harder. Through the window we start seeing the imposing mountains in Bogotá get covered by clouds. Nervously, he tries to explain for a second time the medical situation in his country through the photos he´s showing. He takes a moment, breathes deeply, gives a look to every curious pair of eyes in the room, and continues talking.

It´s one of the first times he´s talking in public, but this time, all of us are carefully listening.

It’s all about trying over and over again

Leadership is essential in the constant search for a better-quality life. Knowing how to ask for help, requesting a budget that´s gonna help others, or demanding an integral medical treatment wouldn’t be possible without trusting in us and in believing in helping others like us. “There´s a big reason why we´re in this room, learning and thinking how to help back in each of our countries,” says an inspired, young leader from a Caribbean country. “We just need to believe in ourselves.”

Even leaving aside our pain or fear, it´s hard to believe in ourselves. We know better than anyone our failures, weaknesses and ignorance about some things. But we just need to learn about mistakes and be open to adding knowledge. The new leaders just need the guidance to improve abilities, tools and knowledge to start having confidence in us.

Believing in our effort

Six months later, the sun is bright and through the window we see a peaceful ocean. This time, he starts talking with total confidence about the important project he´s showing. He had a clear objective, did the right things to achieve it and reach the goal desired. Ending the presentation, he has a big smile of victory and satisfaction, but mostly of the certainty that he´s gonna do big things and help a lot of people.

“He” is every SURO assistant, who back home with tons of developed abilities and confidence, is taking with themselves a big hope for the future of the blood disorders community.


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