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Young man with hemophilia, sitting on desk, working on a tablet

An Experience Like Not so Many on Life

An Experience Like Not so Many on Life

Young man with hemophilia, sitting by the river

By: Frankly Team

June 13th, 2016


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It began two years ago

I began to dream of being a leader in the hemophilia community, so I gave it a try by applying for an enriching and educational program which would help me acquire skills to undertake new challenges in my hemophilia community. In order to apply I wrote a letter briefly explaining who I was, my achievements and my goals.

Young man with hemophilia, sitting by the river

Months passed after sending the letter for review, and during the wait, I always felt excited about joining this program. I was awaiting an affirmative answer and being accepted, but the response took me by surprise as I did not pass the filter and was not accepted into the program.

I was discouraged, but not enough to not try again

One year later I applied again, and this time I had even more desire than the first time. Hoping to be accepted to the program, this time the outcome was different and I was accepted to SURO LATAM!

Happy I made it, I began this process in Argentina where I was taught leadership skills, such as being a good leader and leading people to make big changes in the community; but the process was not yet finished, not only had I learned how to be the leader, but I also met with great future leaders from all Latin America. I was able to form great ties of friendship and a great family. Ending this first time in Argentina, we set goals and tasks which were developed in the next six months.

It was time to meet again

We had the chance to meet in Panama and none of us was the same; each of us had a different expression on our face, feeling more secure and confident. That led me to think on how we were becoming leaders.

We were completing the training and we had to present the results of our efforts using all the tools acquired in the two meetings. This process did not finish that day; in fact, it continues even through today. This opportunity showed a new reality to us, a reality which we must seize to make us notice our communities and improve our quality of life.

Today I am a SURO LATAM grad, proud to have been part of this process that showed me that sometimes we can achieve great things with persistence.

Two young men with hemophilia, walking at night


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