Speaking Frankly about Hemophilia

Speaking Frankly is a daring, distinctive website that aspires to serve as a candid, trusted resource on real issues of concern to teenagers and young adults with hemophilia worldwide. The content of this website is managed by a team of writers and editors who are members and alumni of the Step Up Reach Out and AFFIRM programs. Step Up Reach Out is a one-year international leadership development program for young men aged 18-25 diagnosed with hemophilia A or B; AFFIRM is a two-year international fellowship program to grow leadership and advocacy skills for men aged 26-38, diagnosed with hemophilia A or B. The site casts light on often taboo subjects such as sexuality, drugs and depression, and offers lively coverage of lifestyle topics including travel, entertainment, health and fitness.

Tobias Becker

Tobias Becker works as an HR consultant. Having grown up with severe hemophilia, he participated in the Step Up Reach Out program in 2013/2014 and has since supported as a mentor. He’s a board member with a German hemophilia organization trying to increase the involvement of young individuals in the community.

Santiago Yepes

Santiago Yepes is a digital marketer at a global e-commerce company. With severe hemophilia A, he’s been volunteering for more than 10 years for his local chapter and has led projects with a national scope. He's a global SURO grad and has been mentoring for the Latin America SURO program, engaging contributors to Frankly.net and empowering young people with hemophilia.