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Sex and Relationships Poll

When do you think you should tell your partner that you have hemophilia?

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Sex and Relationships

  • Hemophilia and Sexual Diversity? “Straight Talk” for the gay hemophiliac

    Whether you're gay or straight, if you have hemophilia you're a part of our community. Ed Kuebler answers some of the biggest questions that young gay men with hemophilia often ask.

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  • Are You Madly In Love?

    Love, it seems, is a universally popular but eternally mysterious pursuit, especially for newbies. For many young guys, discovery of the opposite sex is a prominent feature of daily life.

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  • Leaving the Nest

    Few things are more exciting—or nerve-racking—than cutting the cord and striking out on your own for the first time.

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  • Hemophilia and Sex

    If and when you choose to have sex is a decision you and your partner should make when the time is right, but sex can be a natural and important part of a healthy relationship.

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  • Hemophilia and Dating

    Dating is a normal part of growing up and having hemophilia shouldn't keep you from enjoying the same relationships your friends do.

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  • What About Kids

    Journalist Carol Sorgen talks with Tessa Speller, former hemophilia nurse specialist at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia and "Frankly Speaking About Hemophilia" editorial board member.

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