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  • Every Generation Should be Impatient

    Today we will conclude our Interview Series about Dr. Brian O’Mahony, the Chief Executive of the Irish Hemophilia Society and former President of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH).

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  • Advocacy: the Way to Impact and Create Change

    Welcome back to this journey of a hemophilia advocate who inspired and changed possibilities for the hemophilia community. We recently spoke with him about what motivated him to become an advocate.

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  • An Experience Like Not So Many on Life

    I began to dream of being a leader in the hemophilia community, so I gave it a try by applying for an enriching and educational program which would help me acquire skills to undertake new challenges in my hemophilia community.

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  • WFH Symposium Spotlight

    The WFH World Congress 2016 in Orlando includes a highlight for the International Advocacy Community.

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  • The Amazing World of Hemophilia

    Understanding that there are infinite ways to live and experience hemophilia, I would like to share with you my own perspective that may not differ much from yours, but to others it might be a different reality.

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  • Mentoring with Hemophilia

    In October 2015 I was honored with an invitation to be part of this year’s SURO program (a global leadership program aiming to train young leaders in hemophilia in developing projects in their communities).

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  • Advocacy is in my DNA

    Join us through a series of articles about an interview we conducted with Dr. Brian O’Mahony, the chief executive of the Irish Hemophilia Society and former president of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH).

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  • How to Become a Leader in the Bleeding Disorder Community

    It is possible that during your experience as a member of the bleeding disorder community you have seen other members in leadership roles.

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  • Making an Impact after Step Up Reach Out 2014/2015

    Step Up Reach Out is an international youth leadership program for young adults in the bleeding disorders community.

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  • SURO Project

    For me, the Step Up Reach Out (SURO) program was a huge and diverse experience, and I can freely say that this program equipped me with a wider knowledge of bleeding disorder and leadership skills.

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