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Being Frank About Fitness

Andrew Selvaggi is a young guy from Melbourne, Australia. He loves working out — and he also has hemophilia A.

Andrew became a physical trainer to help empower other people with hemophilia to use exercise, nutrition and other techniques to live fitter, healthier and stronger lives.

Join Andrew by watching his tips for staying "hemo-fit."

The videos on this site require Flash Player 10 or later. Download Flash Player at is sponsored by Bayer HealthCare, which has also provided some support to Andrew Selvaggi for production of his video logs. The views and opinions presented in this video are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Bayer HealthCare. Always seek the advice of your physician, or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of content found in this video.

Before starting any physical activity programs, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider.

  • Sports and I

    I was 16 years old, and I had known the bitterest moments that a person with hemophilia may experience. I remember the long nights suffering from the pain caused by bruising on elbows, ankles and my right knee.

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  • Haemophilia in Motion

    Haemophilia in Motion is a role model Sports Project specifically designed for patients with bleeding disorders.

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  • The Importance of Sport

    Many hemophilia patients are still afraid of participating in sports and living active lives. Those ideas are reminiscent of a former time when hemophiliacs were advised not to participate in sports due to the risk of injuries.

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  • Why it Feels Good to be a Football Fan

    Football, or “soccer” if you’re in the U.S., is far and away the most popular sport in the world today with well over half-a-billion fans across the globe. While the unbridled passion of these supporters is occasionally dampened by hooliganism and violence, there are tremendous benefits in becoming a fan of “The Beautiful Game.”

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  • Nutrition and Hemophilia

    Often, given the stress and various demands of living with a bleeding disorder, nutrition can fall down the long list of priorities. It shouldn’t.

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  • Treating Yourself Well with Complementary Therapies

    While conventional medical care is essential in managing your hemophilia, some of the side effects of living with a chronic illness—from physical pain to stress, anxiety, and depression—may be alleviated with the addition of complementary therapies used in conjunction with your prescribed medical regimen.

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  • Being Your Own Best Health Advocate

    Most medical practitioners try to do their best for their patients and are usually more than happy to answer questions. But, like many people who have spent years studying and working in a specialized field, they sometimes forget that the rest of us don't have the benefit of their vast knowledge and experience.

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  • Women & Hemophilia: Not Just Your Brother’s Disease

    Any girl who has grown up with a brother, father or other male relative with hemophilia no doubt knows the drill. Safety first. Treat bleeds immediately. Always have an emergency plan.

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  • Get Connected—Hemophilia Online

    Growing up, Armando Serrano, Jr., 32, of Chicago, Illinois, didn’t know any other Hispanics with hemophilia. With the birth of the Internet, however, those days are long gone.

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  • Medical Care Overseas

    When Ben Kutler moved to Beijing, he was surprised to find that the healthcare system in China was different from what he was used to in the U.S. Fortunately, Kutler had no major medical emergencies while overseas, and—once he submitted his claims—his American health insurance covered the occasional doctors’ visits and medications he needed while there. However, just figuring out which doctor and clinic to visit turned out to be an education itself.

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  • Healthcare Models around the World

    There are approximately 200 countries around the world, and while they may differ politically, ideologically, and economically, it is fairly safe to say that each country wants its people to be healthy, and, if possible, to provide care for them when they’re not.

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  • Fight The Flab

    We’ve all heard reference to the Battle of the Bulge. And no, I’m not talking about the German offensive during World War II. Though this battle may be equally challenging.

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  • Staying Healthy While Traveling

    You do a great job of managing your hemophilia at home, at school, and on the job. But what happens when you travel? Whether you’re planning a short vacation or are moving overseas to study or work abroad, you need to plan ahead to make sure you stay healthy on the road.

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  • Sizing Up The Wii Fit

    Staying active is essential for keeping control of your weight and maintaining joint strength and flexibility. But when it’s cold outside and all you want to do is enjoy the comfort of your living room and hang out with a video game, exercise can seem like a drag.

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  • 21st Century Yoga

    When Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu burst onto TV screens with her workout video “The Fit And The Fabulous,” a lot of men around the world sat up and took notice. With a great deal of ingenuity Bipasha has taken a complex, 5,000-year-old exercise system and adapted it for the 21st Century.

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  • Operation Success

    There’s no doubt surgery can be scary—especially for someone with hemophilia. After being told your whole life to be careful and watch out for bleeding, the idea of doctors wanting you to go under the knife willingly can seem more than a little crazy.

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  • New Year, New You

    Staying up late. Hanging out with friends. Maybe even having a glass or two of something with alcohol. For many that may sound like a typical Friday night but when the celebration is New Year’s Eve it can take on a whole new meaning.

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  • Should You Take Part in Clinical Trials?

    Clinical trials help researchers answer questions about specific illnesses or collect information they hope will have either immediate or long-term benefits in caring for patients. If you have hemophilia, you may be eligible to take part in clinical research trials.

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  • Rebel with a Cause

    James Dean was the ultimate silver-screen rebel. But in real-life, being a rebel is anything but cool. It can lead you into situations that can have a lasting impact on both your health and your future.

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  • Buyer Beware

    If it sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

    Whether it's alternative therapies or special supplements, everyone should be cautious and do their homework before trying out new things.

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  • Ancient Medicine

    Medical science in the 21st century is pretty impressive stuff. Many conditions that were fatal only a few years ago can now be controlled. No wonder doctors are so highly esteemed in modern society.

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  • The Truth About Gene Therapy

    If you have hemophilia and you’ve been hoping for a cure, there’s good news and bad.
    The bad news: Unfortunately, a cure isn’t just weeks or months away.
    But here’s the good news: through gene therapy, researchers are closer than ever before.

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  • Protect Your Joints

    Admit it, who doesn’t like a scary skeleton? From Halloween costumes to that almost life-size plastic model in health class, there’s definitely something fascinating—and a little freaky—about the framework of our bodies.

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  • Hemophilia and Addiction

    Addictive behavior is a form of self-medication, used to mask either emotional or physical pain, and it affects people who suffer from hemophilia as well as countless others who don’t, says California psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina, PhD.

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  • Spas for Men

    If you've never been to a spa, you're not alone, but more and more are trying it every day. It's worth a shot at least once, but be sure to consult with your doctor before planning a trip.

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  • Dealing with Depression

    Coping with a chronic condition like hemophilia can be difficult. Unlike a headache, the flu, or a broken bone, your hemophilia won’t go away. It can cause pain, fatigue, stress, and disruptions in your daily life.

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  • Superfoods to Rev Up Your Energy

    Feel like you're sometimes facing your own personal energy crisis? You're not alone. "As a nation, we're sleep-deprived junk food addicts living in a sea of stress".

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  • Run Further, Faster

    Who doesn't feel the need for speed? Whether it's a kick-ass roller coaster or a sports car with the top down, there's something exhilarating about the rush of wind and the jolt of adrenaline that comes with going fast.

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  • How to Broaden Your Sporting Horizons

    For a lot of people, it's hardly a revelation that they key to staying healthy is regular exercise. The problem isn't that they don't know this.

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  • Be A Gym Rat

    While swimming, walking and other cardio activities have their place, there’s nothing that says “lean and mean” quite like strength training. Sure, who wouldn’t glory in the bulging biceps and six-pack abs that come with lifting weights but there are other important health benefits too, especially for someone with hemophilia.

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  • Alcohol and You

    “All my friends drink,” you might be saying to yourself. But does that mean you should? Before you hoist a brew—or two or more—you might want to stop and think before you drink. Having hemophilia doesn’t in and of itself mean you can’t drink.

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  • Pain Management in Hemophilia

    Many medical professionals consider pain an important vital sign that is difficult to measure objectively. However, the importance of understanding the underlying causes of pain and how to treat it cannot be disputed

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  • Common Hemophilia Myths Debunked

    There tend to be many myths and misconceptions around the world regarding hemophilia. However, they differ from country to country. Here is a roundup of some debunked hemophilia myths circulating the globe.

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  • Tai Chi Isn’t Just for Older Adults … We Promise!

    Tai Chi, which is considered to be an “inner” martial art, emphasizes stability and limited jumps and kicks; it is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts based upon the concept that one should use the mind, and not force, to practice its movements. It allows people to physically balance their bodies and minds through focused motion.

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  • Swimming: The Refreshing Way to Stay in Shape

    Many people have childhood memories of splashing in neighborhood pools or jumping in the ocean at a beach resort. However, most people don’t incorporate swimming into their exercise routine, even though it’s one of the few exercises that can improve all-around fitness.

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  • Hemophilia Myths

    Until a person with hemophilia bleeds to death from a scratch, he can claim royal heritage as a direct descendant of an English queen.

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