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Everyday Heroes

We salute some very special heroes on World Hemophilia Day

While some think of firefighters, soldiers and astronauts when the word “heroes” is mentioned, we believe there are others who deserve to be called heroes, too.

These are the individuals who have not only learned to deal with hemophilia in their life, but embrace life itself with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm that is inspirational to us all.

In the spirit of World Hemophilia Day, we offer a small snapshot of their lives and how they choose the best life, each and every day.

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  • Te Whainoa (“Whai”) Te Wiata

    When Te Whainoa Te Wiata was growing up, he realized he was a little bit different than all the other kids. “I was kind of wondering why I was always doing the same thing as my cousins, but always the only one ending up in the hospital because of it.”

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  • Profile on Andrew Selvaggi

    As a personal trainer and hemophilia advocate, 24-year-old Andrew Selvaggi, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, combines the importance of physical discipline with a passion for helping others who live with bleeding disorders. It’s people like Andrew who inspire positive and healthy attitudes toward physical activity.

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  • Juan Ramón Olmos Sánchez

    At 23, Juan Ramón Olmos Sánchez had honed his journalistic skills on radio and in the newspaper business. The native of Spain established his reporting credentials earning two degrees at the same time.

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  • Radoslaw ("Roy") Kaczmarek

    Don't try telling Radoslaw Kaczmarek that he can't do something. From challenging conventional wisdom about fitness regimes for people with hemophilia to battling the Polish Ministry of Health...

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  • Shaun Bernstein

    Toronto native Shaun Bernstein is on a mission to fundamentally change the way hemophilia organizations support children and young adults.

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