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Step One: Making a Career Decision with Hemophilia

If it’s time to make decisions about what you’re going to do with the rest of your life, don’t worry.

In this competitive world, you feel pressure from people who expect greatness from you. You’re afraid and you don’t want to make mistakes. Furthermore, you have hemophilia and you think it might limit your plans.

You are not the only one experiencing this.

Most people — with hemophilia or not — have been in a similar situation. They graduate from high school or college and are faced with deciding what is next.

Taking into account that everyone’s lives and situations are different, you have to understand there are no specific rules to follow; you can be satisfied with a result that might not satisfy others. The best way to discover your next step is to know yourself and be aware of your abilities and limitations.

If you don’t know where you are going …

Believe it or not, not having specific goals in mind is a good way to begin. You don’t need to plan every detail of your life, but you should at least have an understanding of what you expect for your future. You can dream as big as you want, but being realistic will always help lead you to the best results. And getting out of your comfort zone will provide the best opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Your happiness is key.

Your happiness should always come first! Think about where you see yourself in the future — what you enjoy most, what you are good at and your ideal working environment (office, outdoors, travelling, etc.). Then, try to meet someone doing something you want to do and ask him/her to show you a day in his/her life. This will help you decide whether that is what you want or if you should change goals for the future (both options are always acceptable).

But perhaps most importantly, convince yourself that hemophilia is not — and should never be — an obstruction in pursuing what makes you happy. Follow your dreams and work hard for them. Later on, you will just have to make the necessary arrangements to keep your quality of life.